Basic E Cig Battery Guide

Basic E Cig Battery Guide

Most of the batteries we use for mods are either 3.7volts or 3.0volts. Though there is a 5volt battery used in the certain mods, it isn’t a popular option.

The 3.0volt batteries are primarily used in pairs for a total of 6.0volts for 6volt vaping, and single battery mods are 3.7volts. The 3.7volt batteries are usually only paired if the mod has a voltage regulator for consistency in voltage throughout battery life and load conditions.

The first 2 digits of the battery number indicate the dimension measuring across the battery. So a 10440 measures 10mm across, a 14500 measures 14mm across, and so forth, and the last 3 digits make reference to the length. For example the last 3 digits in a 14500 battery would suggest that the length would be 50.0mm long, but that would be for the unprotected version of the battery. The overcharge/overdischarge protection circuit will add between 2 and 3 mm to the length of the battery, so a 14500 is really 52.5mm long.

Aside from the physical size of the battery, there is something referred to as mah (milliamp hour) rating. This is a capacity rating of the battery, and indicates the amount of energy the battery can store. In other words, how long it will last between charges (more mah, more charge life). Physical size will affect mah ratings, and therefore smaller size batteries will typically have lower mah ratings. Some batteries are available in more than 1 mah rating.

Mod for pot

I’m a pot smoker and I really look for an ecig that I can mod to smoke a little weed with.  The problem is, using a lighter in a way to hide what you are doing.  Eventually, pot will not be an issue in public but for now, it needs to be incognito.

I found a really good ecig to mod.  Its from Tru-Smoke.  Its an older technology that can easily be modded to fit a 1-2 hitter nug.  No lighter is needed and the atomizer on the ecig does all the work. So basically, you’re vaping the pot.

All you do is pull the spent flavor cart off the battery, slip in a little pot nug, slip the cart back onto the bettery and the nug lays on the atomizer.  When you inhale on the ecig, the atomizer engages and vapes the pot.  You get a few hidden tokes of weed and no one knows what you’re doing.  Looks like you are smoking an ecig or a standard cigarette.

So search out this DIY ecig kit and get your mod on!

Sedative vs Energetic Feelings from modded Ecigs

If you want a physical, sedative effect instead of an energetic, short-lasting, cerebral high from your vape all you have to do is:

Turn the temperature up, and toast your herb to a medium or even dark brown. This will release the high-temperature-boiling cannabinoids that produce the more sedative effects you’re after.

This is because the effects of vaping depend in great part on the temperature you vape at. This is due do the different boiling points of the various cannabinoids, many of which contribute to and modify the psychoactive effects of THC, each in their own way. Lower-temperature vapor will have a higher proportion of THC, which is the cannabinoid with the lowest boiling point (157ºC/315ºF). Higher-temperature vapour will have a greater mix of others as well, for a ‘deeper’ effect.

Ecig Mod Forum

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